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C&M Redline Fighter`s SAM

C&M Redline Fighter's Sam

Infos: This male is the real deal folks. Heavy bone, big chest and a great head shape. Sam is the kid of Massimo and Big Momma of Liberty. He has a great pedigree and a fantastic body.
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C&M Redline Fighter`s TANKSY

Hardhead's TANKSY for sale

Infos: Tanksy is half sister to Catfish by way of Cheeba. She has a great pedigree and produces some fantastic pups. She is for sale for 2500$ after her litter with Catfish or you can buy her prego for 5000$!
Shipping costs are not inclusive!
She is also ADBA and UKC registered!


C&M Redline Fighter`s IDDY BITTY

Hardhead's IDDY BITTY for sale

Infos: Iddy Bitty is for sale for 1200$
She is a beautiful dog, big chest, and a great head shape!
She is also ADBA and UKC registered!